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Welcome to The Abitza Collective: an extensive choice of alternative therapies, workshops and retreats promoting healing and empowering personal growth of all.

Find yourself educated by one of our many qualified practitioners, readers and healers to assist your healing process, and to improve your overall well-being across various areas in your life.

Immerse yourself with classes and workshops such as reiki, massage, meditation, mindfulness,hypnotherapy, women’s circles, business focus groups, empowerment programming, psychic development classes and many other exciting opportunities, held always in a safe and nurturing space.


Our Mission

The Abitza Collective empowers you to develop a leadership role in all areas of your life: to help celebrate your wins, guide you and aid you with releasing doubts and fears, create new paradigms in line with your authentic “you”, and to encourage you on your journey. Ensuring you have a simplified plan for an abundant, happy and successful life.

The Abitza Collective practitioners create a warm, welcoming safe space, and provide information and tools to transform lives.

We aim to raise awareness and assist as many people as possible to design their life to be one that brings them an optimum level of joy, love, peace and happiness.

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