Sue Williams

Empowerment Mentor


Sue is a renowned transformational mentor, healing practitioner, and successful business mentor.

Empowerment mentoring can help you to understand patterns and behavior that may be preventing you from living at your fullest potential. During a session Sue will help you discover and understand where your paradigms are created and how they are serving you in this life. You will discover new beliefs and create actions and affirmations to help bridge the gap between where you currently are in your life journey to one that brings constant joy, love, happiness, abundance and peace.

Using her 30 years of life experience and techniques including reiki, intuitive healing, visualisation, journey work, and personal mind mastery, Sue can offer transformational healing and support to assist you to create positive changes in your life. These techniques free you from old belief systems and debilitating patterning.

Sue is passionate about helping you connect to your heart’s wisdom so that you can take the steps required to free yourself from restricting belief systems which prevent you manifesting your highest potential.

Sue is committed in assisting you to create your life that will bring you into line with your Soul’s purpose.


Sue is also a successful business mentor, using a term she calls MINDFLOW in business. This is the ability to integrate your personal passion with the direction of your business, creating abundance, happiness and success.

Personal one on one mentoring is also offered on a monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly, providing support and nurturing of your business, giving different perspectives and assisting you in accessing your own inner wisdom to be successful in your business and your personal life.

Sue is the successful founder of Abitza and Soul Quest Retreats, both the result of creating space to bring like-minded people together. Over the last six years, the businesses have grown from strength to strength, achieving wonderful results and success stories. Sue is also a firm believer in the law of attraction and the power of networking, both to grow your business and fill that basic human need of belonging and having a sense of community.

Sue offers various services including one on one mentoring, group training courses in business and personal growth and development, networking opportunities and soul-quest retreats.


Sue is a qualified reiki practitioner and energy healer. Using intuition and healing techniques including journey work and transformational therapy, Sue can assist you to transform your life, bringing you joy and happiness and releasing you from the long held fears and limiting thoughts.

Sessions are available online or face to face.


To book an appointment with Sue call 0416 145 476 or email

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