Rhys Wynn Davies


Rhys Wynn Davies is an Australian professional Psychic Medium who inspires, demonstrates and teaches people about psychic mediumship and spiritualism.

Rhys provides personal, group and platform readixngs to large audiences throughout Australia and works internationally in over 12 countries. Passionate about teaching mediumship his 4 P Method Technique of learning how to become a medium and communicate with spirit, is now leading many novice’s around the world to becoming inspiring modern day medium’s.

Next to his Spiritual work Rhys also has three degrees as an environmental scientist, with a specialization in Environmental Restoration. Over the past 20 years his business planted over 8.5 million trees across the east coast of Australia.

Focusing now on his spiritual path, his love for the forests has allowed him to remain grounded and focused as a Medium. To this day he continues to plant 5 trees for every reading/workshop client he has. The trees are dedicated to the 2 million tree project for the European Outdoor Conservation Association http://www.outdoorconservation.eu/twomilliontrees/

Email Rhys at info@rhyswynn.com

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